1,1 MikRO RO Control Panel

The SNG electronic  RO Controller Panel is used for operation of the RO plants. The controller has pre-programmed RO operating logic. The control panel can take 6inputs signals, namely: Low Pressure Switch (LPS), High Pressure Switch (HPS), Raw Water Level Switch (RWL), Permeate Tank Level Switch (TWL), 2 Auxiliary Inputs(Used for interlocking with the automatic pre treatment Multi Port Valves). The controller also provides for Conductivity/TDS input. Flow sensing is optional.

The Control panel gives 4control outputs, namely: Raw water Pump(RWP) on/off, High Pressure Pump (HPP)on/off, Flushing Valve Solenoid open/close(230VAC), Dosing Pump on/off (230VAC).Auto MPV power connection is available for Auto mode. Pump Time / Alarm selectable potential free contact is available. Manual Backwash Alert Indication (selectable for Manual Pretreatment) as an alert message is given. The advanced electronics also takescare of the required motor protection such asOver Voltage , Under Voltage, Over Load,Dry Running with settable parameters

miKRO panel:

Small and compact fully automatic ro control panel  designed for the small plants (up to 300 LPH).compact size ,metal body well finishing .

Suitable for small  RO plants having only 1 no. High  Pr.  Pump
single  phase  upto  2  HP.
Available interlocks :-


Low  Pr.  switch
High  Pr.  switch
Permeate  tank  level  switch.
raw water tank level switch


•  Complete RO Logic Pre‐programmed

•  A uto/Manual Operation both supported

•  P ump Over flow Protection

•  P ump Dry Run Protection

•  A ll Safety Features active in both Auto & Manual mode

•  M imic with 7 LEDs for I/O indication plus 1 Fault LED

•  D ual Line LCD Display

•  E asy to use Menu & Naviga􀀚on with 5‐Key Keypad

•  C onductivity/TDS Monitoring & Control

•  E asy to mount (WALL/PANEL)

•  E asy to service in place‐ sufficient space for service person to   make connections

•  Password protection with changeable password for be􀀴er safety

•  PANEL SIZE 210X130X80 MM