1,1 SS1 For 3 HP

The SNG electronic RO Controller Panel is used for operation of the RO plants. The controller has pr-programmed RO operating logic. The control panel can take 6inputs signals, namely: Low Pressure Switch (LPS), High Pressure Switch (HPS), Raw Water Level Switch (RWL), Permeate Tank Level Switch (TWL), 2 Auxiliary Inputs(Used for interlocking with the automatic pre treatment Multi Port Valves). The controller also provides for Conductivity/TDS input. Flow sensing is optional.

The Control panel gives 4control outputs, namely: Raw water Pump(RWP) on/off, High Pressure Pump (HPP)on/off, Flushing Valve Solenoid open/close(230VAC), Dosing Pump on/off (230VAC).Auto MPV power connection is available for Auto mode. Pump Time / Alarm select-able potential free contact is available. Manual Backwash Alert Indication (select-able for Manual Pretreatment) as an alert message is given. The advanced electronics also take care of the required motor protection such as over Voltage , Under Voltage, Over Load,Dry Running with settable parameters


Specification :-
  • Complete RO Logic Pre-programmed
  • Auto/Manual Operation both supported
  • Pump Overload ProtectionRo Control Panel
  • Pump Dry Run Protection
  • Single Phasing Protection
  • PCB Protection Through Fuse
  • All Safety Features active in both Auto & Manual mode
  • Automatic Membrane Flushing at START, STOP & SET INTERVALS
  • Mimic with 7 LEDs for I/O indication plus 1 Fault LED
  • Dual Line LCD Display
  • Easy to use Menu & Navigation with 5-Key Keypad
  • Conductivity/TDS Monitoring & Control
  • Supports Auto-Multiport Valve in Pre-Treatment
  • Each input can be selected individually as NO/NC type
  • Aesthetically well designed to provide premium look to the plant
  • Easy to mount (WALL/PANEL)
  • Easy to service in place- sufficient space for service person to make connections
  • Password protection with changeable password for better safety
  • Real Time Clock to Schedule Operational Hours of Plant


Panel Configurations:
Display 16×2 Alphanumeric Display
Keypad 5 Key Tactile
Mounting Wall/Panel Mounting
Raw Water Pump 2 HP, 1 ɸ
High Pressure Pump 2 HP, 1 ɸ
Inputs Switch/Digital Analog
Auto-Manual Selection, RWT Level Switch, Permeate Level Switch, Low Pressure Switch, High Pressure Switch, Auxiliary Switch (pH, ORP, MPV) Conductivity/TDS
Outputs Raw water Pump, High Pressure Pump, Flushing Solenoid valve, Alarm Hooter, Auxiliary Output
Size Enclosure : 290mm (H) x 295mm (W) x 140mm (D) Cut-out Size : 260mm (H) x 260mm (W)