250 LPH

Water ATM :

A water ATM is an automated water vending machine that dispenses pure drinking water. It can be installed in urban and rural localities which do not have access to clean and pure drinking water. A water vending machine works like any regular bank ATM, the only difference being that it provides water instead of money.

 Benefits of a Water ATM :

A water ATM machine brings several advantages for the citizens:
• It dispenses safe and pure water 24/7 round the year. People can purchase water on the ‘pay per use’ basis as and when they want.
• It can be installed in – schools, hospitals, bus/railway stations or community meeting places.
• It saves the time and efforts that people spend on travelling or standing in queues to fetch safe and pure drinking water. They don’t have to skip schools or work.
• People learn to use water prudently as they have to pay for it; even it is a nominal cost.
• It reduces the dependence of citizens on packaged drinking water, which otherwise is an expensive option , especially for those living in rural areas.

Water ATM 250 LPH RO System

Product Description:

We are offering Water ATM 250 LPH RO System.


  • Water Filtration: 250LPH Ultra-filtration System.
  • Payment System: Card and Coin Based Dispensing System.
  • Dispensing: Programmable 2 types of Dispensing.
  • Power: 220V 50Hz
  • Raw Water TDS: <= 1000 ppm
  • In Built Pure Water Storage: 300 L
  • Advertising Scope on all sides.
  • LCD Screen Optional
  • UV Treatment Optional
  • Remote Monitoring Optional
  • LCD slideshow to advertise or instruct customer Optional
  • Chiller Optional
Advantage :
  • Guaranteed Water Quality
  • Fully automatic operation from purification to dispensing
  • Automatic Purification designed for prolonged life of all the components
  • Machine health monitoring to ensure that there are no breakdowns or unplanned outages
  • Robust system design to ensure trouble-free operation
  • All commercial transaction data accessible through the Web server to ensure that there are no pilferage.