ATM Dispensers


SNG’s “Automatic Water Dispensing Controller” or popularly known as “Water ATM Controller” is the front end of the automatic dispensing systems. “Water ATM Controller” allows users to select quantity of water required and put money through Coin Acceptor or RFID cards and get pure and safe water in return. These controllers are easy to configure, simple to use and can be connected together to create a multi-point dispensing system

  • Checks availability of water to dispense and locks itself if no water available or quality of water below acceptable standards
  • Normal and Cold water selection option
  • Accepts Indian Coins of all denominations
  • Accepts pre-paid RFID cards
  • Pre-paid RFID cards can be recharged on the machine itself
  • All transactions are recorded
  • Accurate quantity of water dispensed
  • Volume of water to dispense can be configured on the machine easily by operator
  • Rate list can be configured on the machine easily by operator
  • Password protected settings to avoid unauthorized access
  • Web connectivity through GSM module
  • All operational and quality data can be uploaded to server for analysis and record purpose
  • All monetary transactions uploaded to server
Sl no Item Quantity
1 Human Interface Coin & Smart Card

system with one sturdy key for water Dispensing

2 Display 16 x 2 Alphanumeric LCD
3 Mounting Front body Mounted
4 Panel Body SS 304 OR Powder Coated MS
5 Power Supply 230 Volts AC
6 Inputs Tank Level, Flow Sensor
7 Outputs Dispensing Solenoid Valve
8 Enclosure 430 mm(H) x 290mm (W) x 1700 mm
9 Cut out 400 mm (H) x 260mm (W)
10 Coin Acceptance Rs. 1, 5 and 10
11 Coin Capacity 2000 to 5000
12 Card Recharge In build Within System itself

protected with Master Card

13 Water Flow Sensor Yes, ¾’’
14 Card Recharge and Water Dispensed Through GSM via SMS

1. Accounting of dispensed through cards

and Total Amount of recharge though SMS


2. Rate and Water Calibration can be monitor

3. Data can be cleared

Technical Specification


Coin operated water vending machine is a very useful technology to dispense drinking water quantity 300ML to 20 ltr of RO water /cool water /Normal water , any time without any manual function with the use of this technology the water availability at office ,Canteen ,Hotel ,Restaurant ,Public place without operator with the economy cost and no wastage of water.


Remote Monitoring System: This system has microprocessor based Control Panels and inbuilt modem to transfer data through SMS. The modem is configured to suit SIM card of any Telecom Service Provider. It will send plant status and trip alerts to monitor the plant remotely.


  • Available with multiple money collection options
  • RFID Card
  • Coin System
  • RFID Card+ Coin System
  • Complete automatic operation with no attendant required
  • Coin selection (Rs1/Rs2/Rs5) with multiple coin option.
  • RFID cards can be recharged directly on the machine as required (Only by Authorized persons
  • Operate on a very wide voltage range (180 V AC to 260V  AC)
  • Reports can be received on SMS on regular basis and also by sending report request on machine SIM numbers
  • Easy to install as it has flow meter and solenoid valve all inside the machine
  • Only inlet and outlet lines need to connected to make system operational
  • Fully web Enabled through GSM Connectivity
  • Flow sensor for accurate dispense of water quantity
  • Water level monitoring and alarm on low water level.
  • Total Revenue (coin collection) reports (Day /Date /Month).
  • Guaranteed Water Quality
  • Fully automatic operation
  • User friendly interface
  • Machine health monitoring to ensure that there are no breakdowns or unplanned outages
  • Robust system design to ensure trouble-free operation


  • Coin Acceptor based
  • RFID card based
  • Coin + RFID based