Cooling Tower Controller

Cooling towers consumes a lot of water and monitoring & control of water quality plays a major role in efficient & economic working. SnG offers a revolutionary product for managing cooling towers i.e.:-

CT Max :- Treated sewage from buildings/townships is becoming the only source of water as cooling tower makeup because of scarcity of fresh water. SnG’s cooling tower Management solutions are automated with technology /service offerings for buildings, power plants and

It considers factors like ambient conditions, cooling load, number of towers available (in case of multiple towers) and controllability of actuators (fan on /off, VFDs etc.). CT Max also performs system and heat exchanger parameters monitoring to predict possible scaling and/or other potential issues. It also does management of physical and chemical properties of cooling water which is an absolute must to ensure trouble free operation of plants and preventive maintenance whenever required.CTMax

 SnG offers a range of CT Max with features of both water & energy management.

 Water Management through Cooling towers: SnG offers comprehensive solutions for Water saving by control of excess air and minimizing the evaporation of water, maintaining the highest possible COC without undue scaling/corrosion. The above measures will lead to water saving along with

  • TDS /blow down control
  • Algae control
  • Corrosion control in pipe lines/ heat exchanger
  • Bio-fouling prevention
  • Scale prevention in condenser /heat exchangers

 Energy Management through Cooling towers: SnG offers energy management through cooling towers which will be done by monitoring & controlling fans, chillers and pumps in the process such that they all operate in an optimal mode leading to wither energy savings or better water utilization.Automation is the key in determining the optimal performance in cooling towers due to variable conditions of heat loads.

Varients of CT Max (Cooling tower controller) offered by SnG

CT Max

Features/Benefits of CT Max:

  • A single solution for both Energy side and Water side Management
  • A very economical solution with guaranteed high returns
  • Works on complete energy and water mass balance to calculate the amount of water and energy required and actually consumed
  • Optimum operation of cooling tower fans based on wet bulb temperature of ambient and optimum approach as calculated
  • Automatic chemical dosing and blow-down control options
  • Minimum instrumentation required
  • To optimize the cost of ownership of the cooling tower based on total cost
  • Optimization of  pH/LSI, High COC etc

Common Problems in Cooling Water Systems:

  • Corrosion: Water tends to convert metals to their metal oxides in favorable conditions. Corrosion can happen throughout the system or at some points only causing system failure. Corrosion requires the presence of oxygen, which is generally available in cooling water.
  • Scaling: Dissolved impurities in water like Calcium and Magnesium hardness precipitate and deposit depending on their concentrations, water temperature, pH, alkalinity and other water characteristics. In cooling water systems circulating water gets concentrated due to evaporation and hence the mineral concentration increases resulting in precipitation.
  • Microbial growth: Cooling water systems offer a favorable environment for micro-organisms to grow and this causes problems in the system affecting efficiency of the system.
  • Suspended solids : Suspended solids from internal or external sources can cause deposits at heat transfer surfaces causing reduction of efficiency.