Domestic RO Control Panel

The SNG electronic  RO Controller Panel is used for operation of the RO plants. The controller has pre-programmed RO operating logic. The control panel can take 6inputs signals, namely: Low Pressure Switch (LPS), High Pressure Switch (HPS), Raw Water Level Switch (RWL), Permeate Tank Level Switch (TWL), 2 Auxiliary Inputs(Used for interlocking with the automatic pre treatment Multi Port Valves). The controller also provides for Conductivity/TDS input. Flow sensing is optional.

The Control panel gives 4control outputs, namely: Raw water Pump(RWP) on/off, High Pressure Pump (HPP)on/off, Flushing Valve Solenoid open/close(230VAC), Dosing Pump on/off (230VAC).Auto MPV power connection is available for Auto mode. Pump Time / Alarm selectable potential free contact is available. Manual Backwash Alert Indication (selectable for Manual Pretreatment) as an alert message is given. The advanced electronics also takescare of the required motor protection such asOver Voltage , Under Voltage, Over Load,Dry Running with settable parameters

Domestic RO Control Panel:

To control  domestic ro control system for up to 25 LPH

  • Monitoring of usage and remaining life of up to 5 modules

a)RO Membrane


c) Sediment Filter

d) Active Carbon Filter

e)Post Carbon Filter

  • Total Life of each module can be set independently
  • Graphical depiction of remaining life
  • Automatic alarm by system when any module’s life goes below critical limit
  • System stops producing water to assure water quality

a)Alarm informs user to get the system serviced

b)Contact number for servicing is displayed on screen which user can contact

  • Upon service the life is reset and countdown restarts
  • System flushes the membrane on start-up and on regular intervals
  • Flushing ensures better performance and longer membrane life
  • Tank level is monitored through switch and TANK FULL message displayed
  • Provision to add Low Pressure Switch to detect insufficient pressure at the inlet
  • Actual number of modules in RO can be selected so that life of only those modules is displayed
  • All settings are password protected
  • Password is required at time of servicing so that nobody else can tinker or service systems supplied by you
  • Compact size and beautiful design to provide great look to your RO system
  • Bulk buyers can get their name and logo added to the controller
Technical details:

16×1 Alphanumeric LCD


Front Body Mounted

Panel Body

Powder Coated MS

Power Supply

24 Volts DC


Tank Level, LPS


Flushing Solenoid Valve, Pressure Pump, UV Module


110mm (H) x 110mm (W) x 30mm (D)


105mm (H) x 105mm(W)