HPN System

Hydro-pneumatic Control System

SNG’s “Hydro-pneumatic Control System Panel” is dedicated control panel product designed to operate pressure booster systems installed in high rise buildings. Packed with all features thinkable for such a system, it enables one to maintain constant pressure and sufficient flow in the entire distribution network.


SpecificationsHPN System
  • Micro-processor based control system
  • 5-inch Touch-screen Color Display as HMI
  • Easy to change set points like target line pressure
  • Easy to select pump sequence to be followed
  • Operational parameters like Line Pressure, Pump Status, VFD Speed and trips/failures easily accessible on HMI Display
  • Supports Constant Speed Mode (no VFD), Cascade Mode (Single VFD) and dedicated speed control Mode (VFD for each pump)?
  • In Cascade mode, single VFD can be made to operate multiple pumps
  • In case of VFD unavailability or failure, system automatically changes its mode to constant speed mode
  • Pressure control response time and other control parameters are available to user to calibrate HPN system as per dynamic pressure and flow requirements of installation
  • Very to understand and operate the system
  • Designed to achieve least possible downtime
  • Fall back mechanism available for all kind of failures so that the system keeps running and user does not suffer
  • Any technician with basic electrical knowledge can commission
  • Ensures complete safety of all your pumps
  • Efficient operation ensures long life of pumps and lesser maintenance issues