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Drinking Water Systems:- 

Water for drinking is one of the most essential of all human needs. The quality and quantity of available drinking water set the economic value of a particular region. WHO and Indian organizations have set standards for drinking water. Most of the sources of drinking water don’t meet the standards.
Presence of E-Coli, Coli form in bore well water, surface sources, Iron and Arsenic presence in deep well bores, high hardness levels, high dissolved solids level, Fluoride content, Rotten egg smell are some of the most common contaminants that make water not fit for drinking.
IEPC offers drinking water solutions that helps communities, villages, towns, residential and commercial complexes meet their drinking water requirements. We offer complete end to end solutions for removal of contaminants that make the water undrinkable. Based on the contaminants present one or more of the technologies, equipment has to be integrated to produce drinking water to match the IS 10500:2012 standards.

We offers :-
  • Removal systems based on adsorption on alumina, ion exchange, RO, oxidation/filtration technologies based on the quantity and degree of contamination.
  • Iron removal systems based on oxidation/filtration, adsorption, aeration/filtration technologies.
  • Fluoride removal systems based on adsorption/ion exchange, precipitation, RO.
  • Hardness removal systems based on Ion Exchange, Nano Filtration.
  • Disinfection by Electro Chlorination, Ozone Generators, Hypo dosing and Hydrogen Peroxide dosing.


Effluent Treatment Systems:

Water that has been used for various process applications in industries is called effluent. Based on the nature of industry, products produced , type of processes employed complex effluents are produced. This effluents cannot be discharged or reused in the other applications. Effluents must freed of their pollutants, chemically and biologically stabilized before reuse and final polishing.
Every industry produces an effluent of particular nature and there are host of options that can be employed to treat. Bioworks offers a wide range of solutions options to treat effluents. Based on the quantity, availability of funds, land and regulations we offer our solutions to treat effluent water to all kind of industries.
Based on the nature of effluents we employ this processes/systems to achieve the regulations standards. We also offer completely integrated effluent treatment plants that help our customers meet the Zero Liquid discharge standards

  • Pre treatment By Oil Interceptors, Emulsion Breaking Systems, Bar Screens, Clarifications, Coagulation
  • Chemical stabilization by Flash mixing, pH Correction, Anti Foam Dosing etc
  • Bio Remediation of water by aeration in Batch reactors, continuous reactors
  • Anaerobic treatment by USABR, Hybrid USABR, EGBR etc
  • Nitrification and De nitrification by Anoxic /Aeration methods
  • Clarification using membrane bio reactors, clarifies, tube settler post bio remediation’s
  • Disinfection by using Electro Chlorinates, Ozone Generators, Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Effluent polishing by Pressure Sand Filters, Activated Carbon Filters, Dual Media Filters
  • Membrane filtration by RO, UF ,Nano Filtration units
  • Sludge Thickening, sludge minimization, sludge handling systems like thickeners, filter press, de canters, belt press, centrifuge, bag filtration methods
  • Tanks and transferring systems for chemical supply
  • Cleaning systems for cleaning of units like membranes filtration units
  • Evaporators, drier to recycle waters that cannot economically treated