Pump Control Panel

ICON Fully Automatic Pump Control Panel

SNG’s “Fully Automatic Pump Control Panel” or popularly known as “ICON Pump Panel” is a power packed product for pump operation control. “ICON Pump Panel” has so many features built-in into a compact unit that it never fails to delight. The advance software gives it virtually one-size-fits-all property.

Pump Panel


  • Operation Logic easily selectable through software
  • Auto/Manual Operation both supported
  • MCB protection at the incomer
  • Pump Overload Protection
  • Pump Dry Run Protection
  • Single Phasing Protection
  • PCB Protection Through Fuse
  • All Electrical Safety Features active in both Auto & Manual mode
  • Real Time Clock to Schedule Operational Hours of Plant
  • Standby Pump automatically starts if the working pump fails
  • Auto Changeover between working and standby pump on regular intervals
  • Total Hours of operation counting to facilitate timely maintenance and servicing of pumps
  • Audio-Visual Alarm in case of any pump failure
  • Dual Line LCD Display
  • Aesthetically well designed
  • Easy to mount (WALL)
  • Easy to service in place- sufficient space for service person to make connections
  • Password protection with changeable password for better safety


  • Very easy to install and commissionPump Panel
  • Any technician with basic electrical knowledge can commission
  • Ensures complete safety of all your pumps
  • Efficient operation ensures long life of pumps and lesser maintenance issues
  • Complete value for money
Panel Configuration Triple Phase

Single Phase

Incoming 415V AC, 3-phase + N 230V AC, 1-phase + N
Power Rating Upto 7.5 HP Upto 5 HP
Pump Configuration 2 pumps, (1W+1S) or (2W) 2 pumps, (1W+1S) or (2W)
Main Disconnect 32 Amps TP MCB 32 Amps DP MCB
Pump Protection Overload and Underload current protection
Operation Modes AUTO & MANUAL
Panel Body Powder Coated MS
Mounting Wall/Panel
Display 16×2 Alphanumeric LCD
External Control Inputs 2 Digital Inputs, Configurable Control Logic