Pump Station Monitoring

Why Monitor ?

Energy savings increase profitability. Energy waste in pumping systems is not inevitable and is highly avoidable. Saving electricity and reducing maintenance in energy intensive pumping systems greatly improves overall profitability.

However, the only way to uncover the source of inefficiency and provide engineers with the platform to eliminate the problems is regular and consistent performance monitoring.

Pumps: the pump curve and monitoring options Regardless of manufacturer, no two pump models are the same. Each model operates within a very confined envelope of best efficiency – graphically displayed by the Pump Performance Curve (Fig 2). This unique graph describes the relationship between head, flow, power and efficiency over the pump’s capacity range, and remains an accurate measure of the pump’s characteristics throughout its operational life.




The reasons why a pump may operate outside the efficiency sweet-spot include:

  • Incorrect assumptions and application of erroneous safety factors during the design stage
  • Inappropriate application (wrong pump for the job)
  • Unresolved component wear and tear
  • Changes to systems requirements (increased/decreased flow)
  • Quick fix solutions (bypassing flow or throttling the discharge line)


  • TAS Pump Monitor is the only cost-effective remote monitoring system giving engineers and operators complete visibility into pump operation delivered to their desktop.
  • TAS Pump Monitor eliminates energy waste from the electricity intensive pumping process, thereby improving business profitability.
  • It offers unrivaled levels of accurate data and allows engineers to model the impact of corrective measures before taking practical action.
  • TAS Pump Monitor identifies the signs of imminent failure long before traditional condition monitoring techniques, thereby allowing engineers to act before problems threaten production.
  • TAS Pump Monitor frees up scarce skilled manpower to concentrate on other tasks vital for maintaining and improving the production process.
An Online Pump Diagnosis and Prognosis System

It is crucial that your pump is always running as efficiently as possible.  A pump laboring under the handicap of a suction line air leak, or clogged impeller uses unnecessary energy to complete the job.  It also stresses parts of the pump, which will shorten the life of the pump and can cause premature failure.  An online pump diagnosis and prognosis system that will

  • Patented cluster trending technology for reliable monitoring
  • Accurate failure indicator and alarm management
  • Estimation of equipment performance degradation index
  • Capable of processing data with missing data segments
  • Capable of processing a number of contact point simultaneously
  • Monitoring multiple pumping systems simultaneously
  • Highly secured computer network via domain separation
  • Highly secured wireless network via authentication
  • Seamless integration with existing enterprise systems
  • Email and text message notification of alerts
  • Remote configuration and monitoring