Ro Control Panel

ROBOT Fully Automatic RO Control Panel

SNG’s “Fully Automatic RO Control Panel” or popularly known as “ROBOT RO Panel”is the most effective way to automate and control any Industrial or Commercial RO plant. “ROBOT RO Panel” combines technical sophistication with ease of use. It is easy to install and requires almost no configuration as all the settings are pre-loaded. Your technician is going to love it.

  1. Complete RO Logic Pre-programmedRo Control Panel
  2. Auto/Manual Operation both supported
  3. Pump Overload Protection
  4. Pump Dry Run Protection
  5. Single Phasing Protection
  6. PCB Protection Through Fuse
  7. All Safety Features active in both Auto & Manual mode
  8. Automatic Membrane Flushing at START, STOP & SET INTERVALS
  9. Mimic with 7 LEDs for I/O indication plus 1 Fault LED
  10. Dual Line LCD Display
  11. Easy to use Menu & Navigation with 5-Key Keypad
  12. Conductivity/TDS Monitoring & ControlRo Control Panel
  13. Supports Auto-Multiport Valve in Pre-Treatment
  14. Each input can be selected individually as NO/NC type
  15. Aesthetically well designed to provide premium look to the plant
  16. Easy to mount (WALL/PANEL)
  17. Easy to service in place- sufficient space for service person to make connections
  18. Password protection with changeable password for better safety
  19. Real Time Clock to Schedule Operational Hours of Plant



  • Very easy to install and commissionAny technician with basic electrical knowledge can commission
  • Ensures complete safety of all your pumps
  • Efficient operation ensures long life of pumps and lesser maintenance issues
  • Best in class in terms of quality and reliability
  • Complete value for money
Panel Configurations SS ST TT
Display 16×2 Alphanumeric Display
Keypad 5 Key Tactile
Mounting Wall/Panel Mounting
Raw Water Pump 2 HP, 1 ɸ 2 HP, 1 ɸ 5 HP, 3 ɸ
High Pressure Pump 2 HP, 1 ɸ 5 HP, 3 ɸ 5 HP, 3 ɸ
Inputs Switch/Digital Analog
  Auto-Manual Selection, RWT Level Switch, Permeate Level Switch, Low Pressure Switch, High Pressure Switch, Auxiliary Switch (pH, ORP, MPV) Conductivity/TDS
Outputs Raw water Pump, High Pressure Pump, Flushing Solenoid valve, Alarm Hooter, Auxiliary Output
Size Enclosure : 290mm (H) x 295mm (W) x 140mm (D) Cut-out Size : 260mm (H) x 260mm (W)