Water & Waste Water Treatment

Why ?

Because of the dynamic nature of many water treatment systems and the worldwide need for improved reliability and quality, a higher degree of precision is required in the monitoring and control of water treatment programs than that obtained through manual monitoring. To achieve the degree of precision needed, continuous on-line monitoring with automatic instrumentation is required.


How ?

Because of the many technological develop” meets in electronics and microprocessor technology over the last decade, there is a wide range of instrumentation available to monitor water treatment systems. The following sections address the systems available to monitor conductivity. pH, corrosion rate, turbidity, dissolved oxygen. sodium, fouling, biological activity, and halogens


Firstly, different applications need different quality of water as per the standard specifications i.e. Drinking, Washing, Flushing, Cleaning, Cooling tower etc. This needs treatment of available water depending upon the geography, source of water, quality standards, etc.


Secondly, the used water need treatment depending upon the norms applicable for effluent disposal (if drained to sewer) or on the standards of water required for reuse for diff. applications (if recycled & reused). Standards of sanitation & Hygiene also plays a major role.




With the use of Water Tech (Electronics/IOT based) products & systems it is possible to do Monitoring of various water & Waste water Treatment plants for Quantity, Quality, Process control etc. Also, treatment need, Treatment efficiency.

  • Process Automation/Control Monitoring